My Story

My partner and I decided we needed a break from our busy schedules and wanted to travel and see the world. We didn’t get around to travelling all around the world, responsibilities made it impossible, but we decided to see the beautiful country of the Netherlands. You may be wondering why we chose that country even though it faces stiff competition from its neighboring countries.

There is so much to this country. I remember long ago when I was a child, a friend of mine visited Holland and gifted me beautiful ceramic clogs and a wooden tulip. They were both beautifully crafted and I cherished the workmanship on them. In fact, I still have them to this day.

In a way they served as reminders of a place I wanted to visit – see the National Parks for myself, enjoy the weather with a loved one, and hopefully to experience the beauty of the natural landscape with my own eyes. It really isn’t a big request. With 20 National Parks, the Netherlands has cemented itself into the world of natural beauty.


Surprisingly, a lot of the land which now exists has been reclaimed land after the trapped water body was drained out. Cities have popped up left, right and center even in one of the most recently formed provinces in the Netherlands – Flavoland.

We had planned a weeklong trip, thinking it would be enough. If you’re thinking of being adventurous, trust me, you cannot see all the parks in one day or even in a week. There’s so much ground to cover and so much to see. We decided to visit De Hoge Veluwe National Park for a day and we had such a blast! Firstly, we had a huge laugh because to get around in the park you have to ride on bicycles provided by the Park. But I hadn’t ridden a bicycle for as long as I can remember and the first try was a hoot.

Fortunately for me, there were hardly any people on the tracks. I think we were really lucky, because we went around the park at a leisurely pace on our cycles and had a small picnic. The sun was setting but the weather was warm and we weren’t too concerned. Then just as dusk fell, we noticed a deer watching us watching it from a distance. I didn’t even want to move just in case I scared it off.

It felt like such a standoff or a stare off. It slowly turned away and faded into the forested area. There was a hare that bounded off as we turned into a cycling trail. I thought that a week would be enough for a nature break and to explore the sights and sounds of Dutch nature, but in the end I found out that a week was not enough.

We did go for a few walks – not too long, a couple of hours at the longest and that was enough to spot red deer, and other animals. Just one thing – don’t forget your binoculars unless if you have super vision. I’m planning to come back next Fall to see more and experience more, and hopefully for a longer time. Let’s see what the future brings, but I’m hoping another trip to Holland is on the cards.